What is Latisse?

Latisse, eylash treatment

What is Latisse?

Latisse is an innovative and effective product that is designed to promote the growth of eyelashes. Latisse is applied to the upper eyelashes every night to create darker, fuller, and longer eyelashes with continued usage. Most patients will achieve optimal outcomes within four months.

Latisse treatment is simple and non-invasive, and does not involve the typical risks or downtime usually associated with an invasive cosmetic procedure. However, it is crucial to determine the patient’s candidacy for Latisse treatment, and a follow-up is required in the short term to ensure that the patient is responding successfully to the treatment.

Latisse treatment has been approved by the FDA since 2008 to address hypotrichosis, which is another name for the condition of insufficient eyelashes. Demalase Medical Spa, led by physician Dr. Reginald Griffin, M.D., provides Latisse treatment to patients in Ocala Florida, and The Villages, Florida

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