Top Three Summer Treatments!

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Laser Hair Removal of the Underarms

With school being out and vacations underway, summers can be busy!  It seems that everyone could use a few extra minutes and one less thing to worry about.  That is why laser hair removal is a great summer treatment. With this treatment, you will spend a couple less minutes in the shower and have worry free, smooth underarms!  It is important to have no sun exposure 2-3 weeks prior to treatment, which makes the underarms the ideal area for summer, as it is very easy to keep this area covered from the sun.  You need several treatments with laser hair removal, but the hair becomes finer and you see less hair with each treatment! Laser hair removal treats more than just hair. Clients will see a decrease in shadowing or pigment, less skin irritation, and smoother skin in the treated area. With our current specials, you can receive this treatment for only $99 per treatment and the results will last a lifetime!


Botox/Dysport for the Crows Feet

When the sun is bright we naturally squint more, which can create those pesky wrinkle lines around our eyes resulting in a more tired look.  Brighten and widen your eyes this summer with Botox or Dysport in the crows feet area. This non-invasive treatment will correct the lines and help prevent more lines in the future if dose is maintained.  With only 12-20 units used in this area, this treatment is a simple and affordable option that will not wreck your summer plans.


Velashape for Cellulite

You have dieted and worked out hard to prepare for your summer activities, but you look down at your legs and still notice those stubborn fat pockets of cellulite.  Our Velashape treatment is a simple and easy way to smooth out those dimples to keep your legs looking and feeling great in that summer bikini! In as few as 4 treatments done in weekly intervals you can achieve your goal before you hit the road on your beach vacation.  Our summer special of buy 2 treatments and get 2 FREE makes it an easy and affordable option before you dive into your summer plans

 If you’re interested in scheduling a laser hair removal, botox, or VelaShape treatment, reach out to Dermalase Medical Spa today! We are excited to provide this quality of services to the Ocala area and can’t wait for you to see the results that we’re able to provide. Call for your appointment today!