The Truth about Skin Care Myths

The Truth about Skin Care Myths

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Myth #1:  If you have oily skin, you do not need moisturizer

Fact: No matter what your skin type-oily, dry, combination-you need to be using some type of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced, nourished, and hydrated.  Not having enough moisture can dehydrate the skin, causing the skin to over produce oil. The best way to decide on the right moisturizer is for you to get a skin care evaluation by your esthetician and follow her recommendations.

Myth #2:  I have acne, I must not be washing my face enough

Fact: Washing your face too much with a cleanser that strips all the oil from your skin can make your problem worse.  Acne comes from a combination of clogged pores, sebum, bacteria, and inflammation. Using the right cleanser for your skin along with combining other treatments for your acne is the best way to reduce and prevent the acne.  

Myth #3:  The SPF in my makeup is enough to protect my face from the sun

Fact:  Unless it is a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with broad spectrum and high SPF, its probably not protecting as much as you think.  Most makeup including powders contain such a small amount SPF that you would have to layer to achieve the protection you need. Best advice is to use sunscreen or moisturizer with a SPF of 30 or higher and broad-spectrum protection before putting on your make up.  

Myth #4:  If I don’t see results with a skin care product quickly, then I should try another.

Fact: Not only is it crucial to stick to a skin care regimen for a period of time to ensure best results, you should also give your products at least 8-12 weeks to work their magic.  Everyone’s skin is different so do not compare results to anyone else on the effectiveness of a product.

Aubrey Novy LE, CME