Let’s talk Hydrafacial!

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Let’s talk Hydrafacial!

I get a lot of questions on what makes the Hydrafacial different from a traditional facial and what exactly does it do.

Hydrafacial is the newest “game changer” in the world of skin health.  The treatment has a 3 step process that can deliver immediate results in just one session!  First, it cleanses and exfoliates using a gently abrasive tip and a cleansing serum all while using gentle suction to remove debris from your skin.  The next step is my favorite because we apply a gentle glycolic acid peel to soften the skin and to brighten and as a preparation for the extraction step.  Hydrafacial’s uniquely designed extraction tip is effective at removing the embedded dirt, debris, and clogged pores which all go into a waste container.  After we extract we then infuse with antioxidants, hyaluronic acids, and peptides during the last step. Boosters can be added to the red and blue LED light therapy to help the penetration of the products into the skin.  

Hydrafacial is a great treatment to use in conjunction with non-ablative and ablative laser resurfacing or micro needling.  We recommend getting a series of Hydrafacials to optimize skin health and maintain your long lasting beautiful results!

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