Be careful before tweezing from these 4 places

Be careful before tweezing from these 4 places


Be careful before tweezing hair from these 4 places

It is natural to get tempted to pull out a random hair you see on your body. But you should think twice before plucking hair from your body as it could not only lead to inflammation but also scarring. According to dermatologist Dr Chandan Jaiswal, you should not pluck hair from a few of these areas in your body.

1. Your nipples: The tweezer can cause trauma to your skin in the attempt of grasping very short hair from your nipples. Tweezing hair could also lead to an infection. If you must pluck the hair from your nipples, you need to make sure that there are at least two millimetres of hair growth before you tweeze it. However, it is better that you trim the hair.

2. Your eyebrows: Your eyebrows are a very sensitive area and repeated tweezing can cause a lot of damage to the hair follicle. It can still be okay if you get your eyebrows in shape in a beauty parlour but never try to tweeze your eyebrows on your own.

3. Your mole: Having a hair come out of a mole is extremely common but plucking the hair can not only cause inflammation but also cause a possible infection. So it is best that you do not tweeze the hair out of a mole. Laser hair removal or just simply trimming the unwanted hair can be better options.

4. Ingrown hair: Tweezing ingrown hair leads to scarring and also increases the risk of an infection. If you are too bothered about ingrown hair, what you can do is, you can simply see a dermatologist for help.

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