8 Facts about Cellulite you show know

cellulite facts

Why do I have cellulite?

Ah, cellulite. Like a stubborn cold, it’s annoying—but also a nearly unavoidable part of life. Anybody can develop this skin situation: It appears when collagen fibers that bind fat to the skin stretch and tear, allowing fat cells to expand. The areas that are most affected by this problem are the thighs and hips. It is also known as orange peel syndrome. Research says that cellulite is more common in women than men because of the change in distribution of fat muscle and connective tissues. Cellulite reduction is really important in order to save your skin from further damage.


Cellulite can develop because of some hormonal factor. Research shows that cellulite could be developed due to imbalance of hormones in the body. It’s also been said that a body having a high level of estrogen is more likely to develop this condition. It could also be developed due to shrinkage of fibrous tissues.

Another cause of cellulite is genes. Researchers say that cellulite often passes down to daughter from mother.

Diet is also another cause of developing cellulite. If the diet includes too many fats, carbohydrates and salt, it can also cause other health-related issues, one of them is cellulite.

Clothing is also another cause of cellulite. If you are using underwear that are too tight, they can block blood circulation in that area, leaving open spaces for fat causing the appearance of cellulite.

If a person is a chain smoker or is unable to do any exercise, cellulite can develop. Moreover, being in a same posture for a long period of time can also cause cellulite.

Lack of sleep
Cellulite might also develop due to lack of sleep. Researchers say that if you sleep well, your body can carry on a regeneration process, but if you are not well rested than proper regeneration process does not take place.

Lack of water consumption
A person should drink around 12 glasses of water each day in order for the body to function properly. A person who is not consuming water, as per requirement, can slowly develop cellulite.

Weight Shifts
A person might also develop cellulite due to unexpected weight shifts.

There is a Cure!
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