April 15, 2018
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Now that I am older, is it too late to improve my skin?

Although the best way to combat the aging process is to start with anti-aging techniques and maintenance at an early age, just because you think you may already look older, does not mean it is too late to improve the appearance of aging skin.   It […]
April 9, 2018
Happy mature woman admiring herself in the mirror

5 reasons a proper skin care routine is important

All skin types are different- Your friend has beautiful skin and she washes her face with a bar of soap and doesn’t moisturize, will this same skin care routine work for you?  The answer is probably not and the reason your friend has beautiful skin […]
March 26, 2018
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Sunscreen: An essential step in your everyday skin care routine

Sunscreen:  An essential step in your everyday skin care routine I cannot emphasize enough to all my clients the importance of a broad-spectrum sunscreen in their daily skin care routine.  You may ask, “well, what if I am not going to be in the sun?” […]